Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life at the DO

The following is a guest post from Melissa. She couldn't leave a comment, so she sent me an e-mail. With her permission, I share it with this reading community.

Thank you, Don, for the post on the definition of a Superintendent. I tried to post this reply on your blog, but don't have any of the accounts listed.

As you may know I worked at the D.O. p/t from Nov 07 to June 09 as Rosie's Asst. Unfortunately, as I read all of the posts from the teachers and you, I am sad to hear that it wasn't only at the D.O. that morale was so bad, but that it has affected our teachers and staff at our schools so pervasively, as well. The stress level at the D.O. when I was there was palpable! We were all on pins & needles, and no one would speak out but for some, quietly, for fear of retribution. I have learned this sadly hasn't changed. It was virtually impossible to give your best there under such conditions no matter how hard you tried! This just shouldn't be, not when our kids are involved! Honestly, though I was there to help my family financially, I was so relieved to have been laid-off! It makes me angry that this is happening to our wonderful district with so many dedicated teachers and staff that have created and fostered this incredible district that has kept so many through the years moving to our area or transferring schools just to be able to attend us!

As examples, leaders, and mentors to our children, we must be able to make their school environment one that as a family continues to promote the joy of learning and discovery, but how it's so difficult to do in the midst of stress, strain, and frustration! I truly believe that with my experience working directly in the Supt's office, and being involved in the PTA at EP and now at Macy in various positions, and as a business owner, not to mention plenty of time on my hands right now, I can be a voice that stands against the injustices and help force a turn-around, taking back our great district and making right the wrongs that have gone on for too long now! We need to change the long-term effects as well as deal with the short-term issues by challenging and changing the manner in which we are currently governed. I hope to have the opportunity to lend my time and voice to this imperative task!

Thank you for your voice, Don.


Melissa Salinas
Macy Parent

(Thank you Melissa for providing a window into "Life at the D.O." It's not a pretty sight.)

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