Saturday, June 5, 2010


This post is my second under the label: Really?

One definition of rubber-stamping is "To endorse, vote for, or approve without question or deliberation." A sample sentence? "Nearly 60 banks have rubber-stamped a refinancing deal."

On other posts I will be sharing about what is and what isn't on LJSD's web-site.

One thing that is there (and is kept current) is a publication from the Superintendent's office entitled, "In the Know."

One thing that is not there are full minutes of each Board of Trustees Meetings. (Really? In 2010 LJSD can't create a PDF and post it? Really?)

In the Know gives us the pasteurized version, the Super's version?

One thing I noticed,see if I missed something, but I looked through all of this year's In the Knows and counted all the Board votes that weren't 5-0.

What did I find?

All the votes noted were the strangely the same: 5-0. Really?

No dissension, over anything, all year? Really?

Or maybe that's just what the Super wants us to think. The publication is from her office. (So says the footer.)

We'll see if any mention is made in In the Know of the special board meeting where there was actually a difference of opinion regarding filling an upcoming vacancy. (Vote: 3-2) Wow! Really?

In the Know tells you how you can view a full copy of the minutes: "Complete minutes of each Board meeting are available in the Superintendent’s Office for review."

Really? We can't put those online like other Districts? Check out what another local district has done: Magnolia School District. They've got minutes online! Really!

But then, they have a Director of Technology and we... do too! (Really!)

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