Sunday, June 13, 2010

On a happier note: Back to the Bargaining Table

The District (Dr. Howell) e-mailed the Teachers' Bargaining Team requesting a meeting on June 21st to negotiate. (LJEA said, "Yes!")


A flier was put out by LJEA saying,

"Thank You for Your Support at the Board Meeting!!"

"The district has invited LJEA back to the bargaining table on June21st!! Let's all think Positive!"

Although the In the Know barely acknowledged the 100 or so teachers, parents, and grandparents that showed up at the Board meeting, it appears we made some impact.

Special thanks to those who spoke. Here's a list of those who spoke under: "Items Not on the Agenda." If you see them, ask them what they spoke about... (Sorry if I missed anyone.)

Don (Ponce/Potts?) parent (sorry about the last name)
Kelly Aldecoa
Margaret Palmer
John Dobson (grandparent)
Marsha Leonard (Macy parent)
Marikate Wissman (co-president LJEA)
Don Evans (RSP teacher El Portal) ;-)
Alison (teacher/parent)
Susie Toice (Meadow Green parent)
Shelly Pimper (Co-president LJEA)
Cindy Dember (Macy teacher... who also announced her retirement!)

Together, Everyone, Achieves, More: Go TEAM!

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